Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some questions that arise often.

I am not a member of the RPHOA, do the Covenants apply to me?

YES. The Covenants apply to every parcel of land in Royal Pines except for the Golf Courses and the Club House.  The Covenants “run with the land” which means that they apply to every new owner.  They also apply to renters.

What are the most common violations of the Covenants?

These are the most common violations:
1. Building fences that do not comply with ARB Guidelines;
2. Building fences or sheds without obtaining a permit from the RPHOA;
3. Removing trees without obtaining a permit from RPHOA.

May my dogs run free in Royal Pines?

NO! Beaufort County has strict leash laws that require pets of all kinds to be under the control of their owners at all times.  Pets may run free in a fenced yard but must be leashed at other times outside the fenced yard

What are the rules for golf carts, ATV’s or motorized scooters in Royal Pines?

Beaufort County and the State of South Carolina consider these as vehicles.  Depending on the type, various rules apply.  If you or your children want to operate any of these vehicles on the streets of Royal Pines it is recommended that you contact the DMV or Sheriff’s office for information.

I rent my home in Royal Pines. Do the Covenants and ARB Guidelines apply to me?

Yes. Whether the house is owner occupied or rented to a third party the Covenants apply as do the ARB Guidelines.  RPHOA will enforce the Covenants and Guidelines for both parties.

I own a rental property in Royal Pines. Am I responsible for the actions of my tenants if they violate the Covenants?

Yes you are responsible for any violations of the Covenants by your tenant. RPHOA strongly recommends that, as the owner of rental property, you include language in your lease agreement with the tenant that requires the tenant to abide by the Covenants and the ARB Guidelines and be responsible for the cost of remediation of violations.

If I want to add a porch, deck, pool, or altering the outward appearance of my home in another way, do I need permission from the RPHOA to do so?

Yes.  All alterations to the outward appearance of a home require an application to be submitted to the RPHOA Architectural Review Board.  You should be aware that alterations may also require a permit from the Beaufort County government.  The application should be submitted well in advance of the date you want to begin the project as your plans may require changes to comply with the Covenants and ARB Guidelines.

Will the Architectural Review Board discuss my plans with me to help me comply with the Covenants, ARB Guidelines, and Beaufort County requirements?

Yes. The ARB is more than willing to meet  with homeowners to discuss their plans.  Please remember that all members of the RPHOA Board are volunteers so please allow plenty of time in advance for discussions and possible revisions of your project.