Lady’s Island CC Property

Lady’s Island Country Club property is private property. Both the active Pines Course and the inactive Marsh course are included.
Jeff Fisher, the owner of LICC has asked that RPHOA make known to all the residents of Royal Pines that use of the property for any purpose requires permission.  If you intend to use LICC property for staging of work to be done on your property for utilities, landscaping, tree removal, etc., you must first have Jeff’s permission to do so.  This is important because there are water and power lines running through the golf course property that can be impacted by vehicles driving on the courses.
It is also important that LICC property not be used for a dumping ground for refuse of any kind.  Dumping on the golf course property is a violation of Beaufort County law and subject to Sheriff action.

Jeff Fisher can be reached at LICC 843-524-3635

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Sheriff Notification

From the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Department
February 19, 2017

Private contractors and Beaufort County residents urged to follow proper methods of debris disposal

Recently, Sheriff’s Office Environmental Crimes Unit deputies have responded to numerous complaints of debris (presumably from Hurricane Matthew) having been dumped on the side of roadways throughout Beaufort County. We would like to remind private contractors and residents, this practice is illegal and South Carolina Statute 16-11-700 (Dumping litter on private or public property prohibited) will be enforced. Violation of this statute can result in a monetary fine or up to thirty days in jail. For questions regarding proper debris disposal, please click on the following link:

Anyone witnessing illegal debris dumping, please record the license plate number of the violator’s vehicle and immediately report it to Emergency Dispatch 911. Those wishing to remain anonymous in reporting this and other criminal activities are always welcome to contact CrimeStoppers at 1-888-CrimeSC. Thank you for helping to keep Beaufort County beautiful.

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